Affordable, Do-able fitness & time-saving workouts for real women like you.

You deserve to feel AMAZING in your own skin! Wherever you're starting from, I can help.

Nicole Cabrias Personal Fitness Trainer


Weekly exercise plans and effective, time-saving home workout routines for all levels, plus healthy recipes and ideas to bring out the most fabulous, fit and fierce version of you.


Quick wins, inspiration and resources to help you live more passionately, creatively and healthfully in body, mind and spirit, no matter what life throws at you.


A fun and supportive online group to share challenges, celebrate successes, keep each other accountable and help each other meet and exceed our goals.

"It's time we change the conversation about fitness - what it REALLY is - and how it makes us feel about our bodies and ourselves. That's what 5 Dollar Fitness Club is all about."

Ready to feel strong, confident & amazing in your own skin? You belong here.

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You play many roles and wear many hats in your personal and professional life. YOU'RE BUSY!

You'd LOVE to be able to find the time, energy and motivation to squeeze fitness and healthier living into your already packed schedule.

You DON'T WANT to be slogging it out in a gym for endless hours each week or trying to follow a complicated and intimidating exercise program that makes you want to puke.

You KNOW it's good for you but you just can't help but feeling that exercise, eating healthy or losing weight is yet another "need to do" on your seemingly endless daily task list.

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You want to live a more BALANCED LIFESTYLE that supports fitness of your body, mind and spirit.

You want an exercise program that offers convenience, good value, time efficiency, flexibility and RESULTS.

You want guidance, coaching, MOTIVATION and accountability.

You want a FUN, friendly community and supportive atmosphere.

You want sensible, do-able workouts that allow you to not only see but feel REAL PROGRESS and delight in your success.

You want to FEEL ATTRACTIVE, strong and comfortable in your own skin.

You want to feel ENERGIZED, fit and healthy inside and out.


Strong. Fabulous. Fit. Your best you for only $5 a month.

What Clients Say...

Over the years I've always liked to workout, be it at home or the gym. I've had personal trainers -  female and huge buff dudes as well - but never saw or felt the results I had in just a few weeks training with Nicole. I saw muscle definition in my arms, thighs, calves, even my abdomen is beginning to comply! Never boring or routine.

Barb W.

I wanted thin legs, a nice butt and great abs – and that’s exactly what I am getting. I have lost weight and gained body mass in all the right places, but more importantly I am more physically fit than ever. In my 50’s and I feel like, and my husband says I look like, I’m in my 30’s.

Laura G.

Nicole Cabrias Personal Fitness Trainer

Meet Your Trainer...

Nicole Cabrias

Originally certified as a fitness professional over 20 years ago, I believe passionately that everyone deserves to have access to the skills, knowledge and resources of a good personal fitness trainer.

And contrary to what much of the exercise and diet industries would have the world believe, enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle is not complicated or scary, and it DEFINITELY doesn't need to be an extreme sport!

My Mission

I want to take the fear, the shame and the intimidation out of fitness and empower women just like you to integrate regular exercise, healthy eating and personal wellness practices into a lifestyle you love.

My goal in creating 5 Dollar Fitness Club is to help make fitness and personal training more accessible, more do-able and more affordable to more people. And hopefully more enjoyable too!

It's time we change the conversation about fitness - what it REALLY is - and how it makes us feel about our bodies and ourselves. That's what 5 Dollar Fitness Club is all about. I hope you'll join us.

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My Promise to You


that getting and maintaining fitness in your life is something to enjoy and look forward to! It doesn't have to be difficult, time consuming, scary or complicated.


with knowledge, techniques, motivation, encouragement, cheerleading, virtual high-fives and happy dances!


to fit effective, convenient, time-efficient workouts and lifestyle changes into your busy life and succeed at reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals.


feel energized, empowered, confident, supported, successful and great about your body and yourself!

More High Fives & Happy Dances...

I had just completed my first year of university and suddenly the infamous "Freshman 15" became my harsh reality. I have been a dancer all my life so feeling healthy and fit had always been really important to me. I was feeling very discouraged about my health and fitness goals and was skeptical about whether a personal trainer would really be effective at helping me in a truly personalized way. Nicole has surpassed all of my expectations and made this journey one of the most enjoyable, rewarding experiences of my life. Not only have I never been as proud of my body as I am now, I see so many other positive changes in my life that I never would have expected. I have more energy, I feel more positive each day, and I overall just lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Nikita N.

My main goal was to tone problem areas and learn new techniques along the way, as I have never been one to frequent those intimidating gyms.  Within only a couple of months, I was noticing a difference in energy, muscle tone and flexibility.  I am seeing the results that I want.

Nicole understands my needs and is excellent at providing different full body workouts or just zoning in on the areas that need more help than others ... She keeps me motivated, positive, challenged and most importantly strong!

Janine C.

It's your turn to feel this great about your fitness too!

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